VR Game Development


Our team builds complete VR games and apps starting from your vision

When you are facing the challenge of developing an interactive VR project, such as a game, training simulation, visualization app or any other type of virtual world, you can alleviate your difficulty by partnering with our studio.

RAYDENTEK offers numerous services that solve all the important issues and form the building blocks of your complete VR project. You are free to choose your best fit of services to reach your goal.

Your project will be built on top of Unity game engine and other suitable technologies, and can target all important platforms, including Meta Quest, SteamVR and Apple Vision Pro.

Modes of development

Complete Development

Complete VR Game development.


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Included Services

Full-cycle game development

We build virtual reality games and apps from initial concept to deployment. We also continue to support the project during it's live operation.

Unity game development

We utilize the power of Unity game engine and it's versatile architecture to deliver your vision to standalone VR headsets and other platforms.

Game backend development

We build games you can run in LiveOps with the help of AWS, Unity Game Services and similar technologies. Our team can support your backend during your game's entire life cycle.

Multiplayer development

We develop games with multiplayer capabilities using Unity's networking solutions as well as Photon Fusion, a highly performant framework used by many successful VR games.

VR interaction design

We design and develop user friendly interaction mechanisms completely unique to your virtual world, as well as common interaction that users expect from VR.

VR user interace design

VR UI has a specific set of requirements and expects the designer to switch to a different mindset. Our team spent years designing and developing entire UI systems for VR games and apps.

VR game design & prototype

We are ready to assist you with deveoping your game design to best fit virtual reality platforms, and can be done using an iterative approach through prototyping and testing.

VR demo development

At the start of your project, you might need a playable early stage version of your game to share with players or investors. This can be a prototype, a demo, an MVP or a vertical slice. Either way, we have you covered.

VR level design

Your VR game needs structured levels that support your gameplay. Our team can develop level layouts that can be populated with your art assets by environment artists.

VR game testing & QA

We organize testing sessions, that help you get feedback on the game from player perspective. We also run all kinds of manual tests, such as functional, performance and usability.

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