Figurama App

Project overview

Figurama app is a VR storytelling and interactive experience platform. This app was the first interactive story platform that allowed artists to create and publish 3D content for the end-user, thereby opening up new ways to make revenue. Users experience 3D animated content from a single app, much like video streaming platforms work for video content. 


Our Work

Our team designed and developed a completely new platform for VR interactive experiences, from the ground up. This involved building the app, storefront, 3D viewer, artist tools, as well as backend development. We were responsible for exploring and developing interaction design through multiple prototypes, in order to find the best way to let users play animated 3D scenes in VR.

Our team also created the first interactive story that users can play using this app. This process included developing the story, concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animation and everything in between.

The platform also allowed 3D artists to create interactive experiences and stories without coding using Figurama Artist Toolkit.

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