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Focused on new media - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing.

The key focus of our studio is development of projects for interactive 3D, AR & VR. 

Virtual Reality and related media have reached commercial viability and the user base has grown significantly enough to make the effort of developing content worthwhile. We strongly believe in the medium’s success.

By working on 3D, AR & VR projects for the past decade, we have developed a significant expertise in the medium and are best positioned to assist other companies enter the VR game & app market.


Our Vision

Create virtual worlds that open a new reality for the players.
Develop high quality interactive 3D, AR & VR games and apps that expand the possibilities for our clients.

Our Studio

For more than a decade, ever since we have embarked on this creative journey, we developed various separate products and services.

We founded RAYDENTEK in 2023, with the goal of focusing all of the team’s creative services under one roof, and improving our client experience by working with you from one company.

Now in our new studio, we offer complete development services for our target medium – interactive 3D, AR & VR – including design, software development and art production, including post release support.


Years of experience


Released games & apps

Our Manifesto

To find out about how we operate our studio, please read our core principles in this manifesto.

Originality is Paramount

We always strive to come up with original solutions, mechanics and visuals, following extensive research of the medium.
We always take steps to ensure our solutions are unique and an improvement over existing ones. We don't just recycle other people's ideas.

Cutting Edge Technology

We work with the best technical solutions available and develop custom technology when needed, to achieve our goals, stay ahead of the competition and push the boundaries of our projects beyond the status quo.

Virtual Reality Expertise

We have a long-term focus on VR, because we believe in the future of the medium in entertainment, education and spatial computing. Our technology base and expertise in VR design and performance optimization allow us to continue to build successful projects.

Focus on Quality

We deliver our final creative output only when our team is confident it meets the highest quality standard available under the constraints of the project. We don't accept the result of our work to be anything but highly polished, and with each delivery we step closer to perfection.

Flexible Pipeline

We are working with every available tool, but we only use each tool when it's absolutely necessary for our goals. We create custom workflows around each project, to best adapt to process requirements of our clients. We store and deliver our work with version control.

Remote Collaboration

We work remotely but alongside in the digital realm, and hire the best talent from around the world. We are not limited to any physical location, making our studio operate with better focus and resilience. Part of our remote process is improved efficiency and open communication.

No AI replacing Creators

We only release software and content that is a product of our own creative minds. AI is a great way to power character simulations or perform tedious technical tasks. But we believe in artists and engineers giving meaning to art & code.

Constant Learning

We stay on top of our domain, by investing in knowledge and skills for our team. Learning is a natural part of our creative process and is an essential aspect of achieving success. Our team is always sharing knowledge, growing and overcoming new challenges together.


We take full responsibility for our output and work beyond the expected towards customer satisfaction and project success. With projects that are highly innovative, we take extra care to work through the unexpected and deliver a project that fits its purpose the best way.

What clients say about us

A small but effective team

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