Real-Estate App

Project overview

boARd real-estate app was developed as a framework to support multiple projects in their presentation needs. The app allows embedding of complex 3D models of real-estate developments of any scale, from a single building up to entire city scapes. Users can explore the 3D environments from their mobile devices and discover information about offered properties.


Our Work

Our team created an app framework and deployed multiple apps using it, optimized for mobile devices.

A crucial aspect of the project was design and development of the entire user interface and experience. Also, additional effort had to be allocated to develop live operation support with complete backend solution that allows updating content and data about properties in real time.

Apart from development, our team also handled the entire production of 3D content for the projects, including landscapes, buildings, interiors and props.

The Results

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Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views

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